Stablecoin Proposals (require community support and funding)

There are two stablecoin proposals. They are different and both would be valuable to have in the Ravencoin ecosystem.


This proposal is ready to go. It requires $25,000 worth of RVN for the OpenDAO project to incentivize people to use pRVN as collateral to back USDO which uses an algorithmically stablized smart contract on the Binance Smart Chain. This will create a USDO token backed by pRVN.

This project will allow borrowing a USDO stablecoin from your RVN.

Required: $50,000 in RVN.

Details: OpenDAO Proposal

RVN Contribution Address*: RJzkp2xcXkEQYXYfZzdBTrvCNxy2GKqjLn

Stably - USDS

This proposal requires development from Stably to interact with Ravencoin. The intermediate code will be released as open-source code. This USDS token will be minted on the Ravencoin blockchain and will be backed 1:1 with USD in Prime Trust.

This project put a stablecoin directly on the Ravencoin blockchain which can be used in on-chain atomic swaps.

Required: $125,000.

Details - Stably Proposal as PDF

RVN Contribution Address*: RBzm8wmbEcdFxAWAZ2stkxSN615uDgvqCd

*Contributions over $1000 will be returned to the originating address if the project does not reach the funding goal. Smaller contributions will be combined with Ravencoin Foundation general fund. Do not send returnable contributions from a custodial service. To prevent a larger contribution from being returned, send [X].1234 qty.